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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Youthful Makeup. How to Look Like You Have a Dorian Gray Painting at Home (Thank You Benefit!)

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to be 40 in February. 
I'm a little stressed out about it, but not too bad.  I seem to be holding up fairly well as far as my skin and appearance goes.  I may feel like an old bag, but I don't look it!
I'm going to share my makeup secrets here today.  Some of them, anyways!
A girl needs some secrets!
I decided to pull my hair back for the pic's so we aren't overwhelmed by the giant shock of fire-red hair!
Skin prep is the best thing for looking healthy.  A good primer, as I always say, will make all the difference in the world.  I had a friend give me a bunch of goodies from Benefit, and "The Porefessional" primer was among them.  This is a killer primer!  Great smoothness and texture!
Next, find a foundation that leaves the skin looking plump and healthy.  Doesn't have to be full coverage, as long as you have a nice canvas.
Concealer is your BFF!  The formula of the concealer is really important.  A nice creamy consistency for the eye area, and some redness is perfect.  I also use a creamy one for acne too.  Spot treatments can be drying, so a little extra emollient is ok!  Benefit's "Fake Up" is fantastic!  It covers like a dream, and wears comfortably.
I'm a big believer in setting powder.  Makeup wears so much better with a light dusting, light being the key word here!  The right powder will diffuse fine lines and dark spots.  Make sure it's a translucent, or brightening powder.  Mineral powders can have a nice luminosity to them too.  I'm in love with Benefit's Box O' Powder in Dandelion these days!  Its a gorge pink that gives a subtle glow!  You'll love it!
A full, well maintained eyebrow is also mandatory for a youthful look.  Make sure its shaped well, while keeping a natural appearance, and not too dark.  As we age, brows lose fullness, so we want to make the best of what we have.  Benefit's Brow-Zing is the perfect brow definer!  A wax and a powder give great colour and hold.
Did I mention mascara? Because lots and lots is good!  Non-smudging of course!
I can not emphasize the importance of blush and hilighter enough.  A good hilighter will light up the eyes and diffuse darkness when placed on top of the cheekbones.  A bright blush placed high on the cheeks suggests young, healthy skin.  a softly sculpted cheek is the best trick in the world!  I like a hot pink like Tarte Amazonian Clay in Amused.  It doesn't go on dry like most powders.

As for lip colours, go for something rosey, or berry tinted.  Don't forget the SPF!  I'm wearing Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose, which is the perfect amount of colour to liven things up on the face!
All that being said, the real secret to looking youthful is prevention!  SPF and eyecream from the age of 18 is the best thing any of us can do for our skin.  Remember it's never too late!  And Sephora sells Benefit!
What tricks do you use to look healthy everyday?

Donna Xoxo

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